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Cross-curricular projects

Słówko o projektach typu "cross-curricular" (ze strony


STEM is an acronym that stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, disciplines that are deeply intertwined. STEM projects are usually enquiry-driven and encourage hands-on, collaborative group work and reflective learning.

Children are often set open-ended design challenges, which require a range of different skills to tackle them effectively. STEM projects might require children to design a balloon-powered racing car, the packaging for a new ice cream or a new type of musical instrument.

Some schools have taken this further, adding art and design to create STEAM, allowing for even more creative projects.

Uwielbiam pracować w ten sposób, a Wy? W świecie angielskiego jako języka obcego, jest to podejście bliskie idei CLIL i to jest to, co mnie kręci.
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